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FHA logoHow much money can you borrow with an FHA house loan, and how much will your monthly mortgage payment be when you include in real estate taxes and homeowner's insurance? The Pennsylvania FHA loan calculator will compute the monthly mortgage payment, including the monthly mortgage insurance premium, and estimate the FHA mortgage amount with the financing fee (MIP).
A 3.5 percent down payment is required for an FHA home loan. That's just $3,500 for a $100,000 house... and the FHA down payment may be "given" by qualified donors! Did you know that the property seller may be able to cover part of the closing expenses (see below)?  If you find a mistake, have a remark, or wish to make a purchase, please send me an email.  Last updated 1/2022.

  Pennsylvania FHA Loan & Funding Fee Calculator
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  Based on January 9, 2015 change  
  Monthly Mortgage Insurance (MIP) Calculation
Loan Term greater than 15 years (i.e 30 years)
  Base Loan Amount LTV Effective Annual MIP  
≤ $625,500 ≤ 95.00% 1/26/2015 0.80%  
≤ $625,500 > 95.00% 1/26/2015 0.85%  
> $625,500 ≤ 95.00% 1/26/2015 1.00%  
> $625,500 > 95.00% 1/26/2015 1.05%  
Loan term less than or equal to 15 Years with loan to value above 78%
  Base Loan Amount LTV Effective Annual MIP  
Any loan amount < 78.00% 6/3/2013 0.45%  
≤ $625,500 78.01% - 90.00% 4/1/2013 0.45%  
≤ $625,500 > 90.00% 4/1/2013 0.70%  
> $625,500 78.01% - 90.00% 4/1/2013 0.70%  
> $625,500 > 90.00% 4/1/2013 0.95%  

 Frequently Asked Questions About FHA Loans

Q. Are FHA home-loans only for First Time Home Buyers?
A. The FHA home-loan is available to First Time Home Buyers or home-buyers who have previously owned a home.

Q. How much can I borrow with an FHA mortgage?
A. The loan size will be determined by your debt to income ratio and the maximum loan limit for Pennsylvania. The FHA lending limit is set by congress each year. See the county FHA loan limits for PA.

Debt to income is a measurement that determines the maximum FHA loan payment with and without monthly debt. Read more about FHA debt to income

Q. What are the benefits of an FHA mortgage?
A. The down payment for an FHA home-loan in Pennsylvania is only 3.5%. The seller is permitted to pay a percentage of the buyer's closing-costs, no reserve requirements. This means that the Federal Housing Administration does not require you to have some "extra" cash in the bank after closing. The credit score requirement is lower with an FHA mortgage than other home-loans. Read more about FHA home-loans

Q. How much of a FHA loan can I get?
A. The 2022 FHA loan limits are listed on the PA FHA loan limits page, listed by PA counties

Q. What is the minimum down payment with an FHA home-loan?
A. The minimum down payment is currently 3.5% ($100,000 X 3.5% = $3,500). The down payment (and closing-costs) can be gifted by an eligible donor or donors. Relatives and close friends can gift the required costs to purchase a home. The home seller is permitted to pay a percentage of the home-buyer's closing-costs.
Read more about the seller paid closing-costs

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