2022 Pennsylvania County loan limits - How much can you borrow

Suburban home in PAThere are borrowing limits for home mortgages. The loan limits are established each year by the federal government. Here are the lending limits for the most popular home loans.

2022 FHA loan limits for PA

You might be surprised to know that there are "maximum" loan amounts for FHA mortgages . . . and the limit can vary between PA counties. The FHA mortgage increases for a 2 Family (duplex), 3 Family (triplex) and for 4-unit dwellings. Proceed to the PA FHA Limits page.

2022 conforming/conventional loan limits for Pennsylvania

This page details the maximum Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan (conventional) limits for Pennsylvania counties. Loans that exceed these limits are known as "jumbo mortgages". Proceed to the Fannie Mae /Freddie Mac Loan Limit page

2022 PA median sales price

Want to know what the median sales price is for Pennsylvania counties? Find it here . . .
Proceed to the PA Median Sales Price page

2021 HUD median income for Pennsylvania counties

Did you know that many Pennsylvania banks provide special financing options to potential home buyers with earnings at or below the median?
That is correct. This chart displays the median income for Pennsylvania counties in 2021. Proceed to the Median Income page.

USDA income limits for Pennsylvania counties

The USDA loan is a great mortgage program. No First Time Home Buyer requirements, no down payment requirement, no MIP or PMI. The loan permits seller assistance. There are income limits, find out.
Proceed to the USDA Income page