2022 USDA Income Limits PA

Income tax graphicThe following USDA income limits are based on 2021 data. The 2022 base USDA limits will be available May or June.

Looking for the USDA income limitations for counties in Pennsylvania? Look no farther, they're right here. Do you have a yearly income that exceeds these limits? These income restrictions may be "adjusted" under the USDA home loan program.

Eligibility income comprises any income received by the applicant and co-applicant (wage, tips, bonus, overtime, alimony, child support, and so on) (s). The qualifying ratios are calculated using this income.

USDA loan income restrictions vary by state, metropolitan statistical area (MSA), and family size, with a national base income limit.

The Pennsylvania base USDA income limits are:

1-4 member household: $91,900
5-8 member household: $121,300

There are several exceptions to the general income restrictions, most notably the MSA areas. The MSAs are continuous geographic regions with a relatively high human population density. The MSA may encompass many neighboring counties.
The USDA home-loan program often has greater income restrictions in the MSA.

USDA Income Adjustments:

The gross annual income can be adjusted with the following:

  • Each minor child under 18 years of age - subtract $480 per child
  • Each disabled or handicapped individual who is not the applicant or co- applicant - subtract $480 for each disabled or handicapped individual
  • Each full-time student 18 years or older - subtract $480 for each full-time student
  • Each elderly (62 years of age or older) or disabled applicant - subtract $400 for each elderly (62 years of age or older)
  • Medical expenses for any elderly family member - Total that exceeds 3% of gross annual income
  • Child care expenses for children 12 years old or under - Actual cost of care, supported by full documentation of cost

The USDA publishes the county and MSA income limits annually. Here is the link to the publication:


Scroll down to Pennsylvania to the county or MSA area and see the MOD. INC. GUAR.LOAN line

USDA income lookup

The USDA provides a lookup tool and income calculator, here's the link:
Income eligibility

The monthly income screen refers to monthly income. You can estimate your monthly income with the income calculator

The home must be located in a USDA eligible area

USDA property lookup

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