VA down payment calculator

Animated US flagThis VA loan calculator will calculate the maximum VA home loan for veterans in Pennsylvania. The monthly mortgage payment, as well as real estate taxes and homeowner's insurance, are also included. If you see a mistake or wish to offer a remark, please send me an email.

  VA Entitlement Worksheet
  Sales Price (or Appraisal whichever is less)  
  Down Payment  
  VA Eligibility  
  Funding Fee    
  Used entitlement (not restored, if applicable)  
  Monthly Payment  
  Principal & Interest  
  Annual Real Estate Taxes /12 =  
  Annual Homeowners Insurance /12 =  
  Mortgage Amount
  Base Mortgage  
  VA Funding Fee  
  Full Mortgage  
  Required Down Payment  
  Guaranty Percentage  

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019

It's good news for qualified veterans looking for a VA home loan. Because of the passing of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019, the VA no longer restricts the maximum loan amount with full guarantee. The new legislation also standardized the financing fee amounts for active duty, national guard, and reservists.

Prior to the passage of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, reservists had to pay a higher financing fee. Veterans who are disabled and receive a service-connected benefit are still exempt from the financing charge. The financing charge is also waived for Purple Heart recipients under the new legislation. Now for the bad news. The VA funding fee percentages were increased with the passage of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act.